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Manheim Downtown Development Group: Stiegel Glassworks 1976


210 South Charlotte Street, Manheim PA †17545

(717) 940-1382

facebook_icon.jpg For up to date information, studio hours and photos of the hand-crafted and authentic glass pieces, please follow us on facebook! †

Artist_Alley_Flyer_2014.jpgStiegel Glassworks 1976 will host shows highlighting local talent at Artist's Alley located on the grounds of the historic railroad station in Manheim! †Artist's Alley will be open on Sunday, June 8th from Noon until 5:00pm and again on September 28th. †This is a unique opportunity for local artists to sell their one of a kind crafts to residents and visitors of Manheim! †Buy local, authentic and unique items for your friends and family! †The show will feature approximately a dozen artists featuring photography, pottery, stained glass, jewelry, original paintings and glass blowing!†
For more information, studio hours and photos, please visit their facebook page or call the studio at (717) 940-1382.Items can be purchased at the studio located at 210 South Charlotte Street or at Longeneckerís Hardware Company located at the Manheim Shopping Center, 127 Doe Run Road, Manheim.

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Event Coordinator -†Len Bodnar

Artist Alley Flyer

Are you a local artist? †Are you interested in participating in this show? †Click Here!

In the 1960's, a group of Manheim business men decided to start a small glass works that would demonstrate the craft of glassblowing as it may have been carried out in the 1760's from our founding father, henry William Stiegel. †Henry William Stiegel is one of the most celebrated artisans in Lancaster County history. †The festival of the Red Rose, where Zion Lutheran Church makes payment of one red rose to an heir of Stiegel, continues annually to this day. †Museums still honor his memory by exhibiting products of his Manheim Glassworks.Today, a group of dedicated volunteers and business leaders of our community are committed to continuing Stiegel Glassworks 1976. †This vision is the batalyst for a dynamic and growing partnership among members of the community, business owners and various local and regional organizations. †With these continuing efforts, Stiegel and his town of Manheim will long live in memory and the pages of history.†


Board:† Skip Hetrich, Larry Shennk, Len Bodnar, Eric and Anne Phillips, Pete and Karen Weiss, Steve and Jody Sipe

Glassblowers:† Jeremy Friedly, Benjamin Ahlgrim, Deb Good-Allen and Stephanie Grigg

Studio Location:† Manheim Railroad Station, 210 South Charlotte Street, Manheim PA† 17545

Glassblowers, Jeremy Friedly, Deb Good-Allen and Chip Buckley
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